Friday, August 27, 2010

One more thought about my meds

I am considered a good responder (at this point, since I have not cycled yet).

If, during the cycle, I am not responding how I should and the protocol needs to be changed- more skyrocketing med prices. I know of someone who spent $7,000 on menopur alone.

Praying right now that I am a good responder!


I went for a sonohysterogram today. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a procedure where they check three things: the ovaries, uterus for polys and fibroids, and my cervix.

Dr. S said I passed with flying colors.

It is a good reminder of how up and down this journey is. Yesterday, upon hearing the great news that all looks well to go forward with the shared risk plan, I was thrilled.

Then today, I started checking on med prices.

Want to guess how much the total is right now? $4600 for ONE round of IVF.

I swear this stuff is just crack disguised as meds.

Thankfully, my insurance should cover somewhere around $2,000 of it. Thank you, infertility rider!